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Site Development Services from Skaneateles, New York

Septic tank cleaning, pumping, and site development services are available in central New York with Skaneateles Excavation, Inc. of
Skaneateles, New York.

Truck, Site Development Services in Skaneateles, NY

Excavation of Sites
We do site development for new homes, existing homes, and additions. Our services include all preparation of the site for building. To your specifications, we do land clearing, grading, and total excavation of the new home site. That includes digging holes for your foundations.

In addition to excavating for building construction, we will do road work for new camp roads and existing roads. Our road work also involves excavating for drainage and ditches on the roads and adjacent properties.

Storefront, Site Development Services in Skaneateles, NY

Trucking Services
An added benefit to choosing Skaneateles Excavation, Inc. is our trucking services. To complement our debris haul away service from an excavation site, we also haul sand, gravel, stone, and much more for use on your property for landscaping or architectural needs.

For difficult-to-reach locations on your property or for oversized orders, we have the vehicle to meet your needs. We are happy to deliver within a 40-mile radius of the excavation site.

Septic Tank, Site Development Services | Skaneateles, NY

Septic Pumping, Installation, and Repairs
Improve your septic system's functionality with installation and repair from Skaneateles Excavation, Inc. Although we will install and repair any type of septic system, we specialize in mound systems, gravel-filled systems, conventional systems, and Elgen® systems. 

In addition, we provide septic tank pumping services in Cayuga and Onondaga Counties. You can feel assured about the quality of our work because we are licensed inspectors for septic systems in Cayuga County.

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